Architect Mauro Casarin after graduating in architecture from the IUAV of Venice (Istituto Universitario Architettura Venezia) and working for several architectural firms, Mauro Casarin established an associate firm in 2008 with architect Marazzato.

In 2014 he started designing and doing contract work out of his own namesake firm in Badoere of Morgano (Treviso).

Casarin has been experimenting for over twenty years with the latest designing techniques and approaches with in mind the concept that architecture is the result of ongoing multidisciplinary research beyond any kind of prefixed pattern. He has developed several pilot projects in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency.

He has always dedicated great attention to the context determining the uniqueness – and not the repetition – of each and every project within diverse spatial, social and cultural settings. The materials and architectural traditions of the local area become the starting point for an up-to-date, personalised stylistic re-interpretation. His projects, therefore, go beyond domineering historical and stylistic references; they want to transcend steady, repetitive codes.

Projects are tailored to let the creational steps, rendered in images, faithfully interpret the vision and the needs of the client, with an eye for the singularity of the location through a careful study of its features and its exposure to light.

In recent years, Casarin has deepened the relationship between design and sustainability, between project, energy-efficiency technologies and the realisation of passive buildings (PassivHaus).

“To make architecture more human means better architecture, and it also means a functionalism much larger than the merely technical. Its purpose is still to bring the material world into harmony with human life.”

Alvar Aalto